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by Laura Hales (2020)

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I am the mothership.
I became everything and nothing I once was.
I exist beyond measure as an everyday thought.
I stand full of wonder and longing for more.

I am a traveller.
I glide in rough waters and weather the storms.
I stride up mountains and hold back the darkness.
I soar through the air and embrace the years.

I am cosmic.
I lift the sun and cradle the moon.
I break and I mend again and again.
I cry rivers of dreams and smile with the stars.

I am a mother.
A constant presence.
A watcher in awe.

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About the Author

Always a lover of reading and writing, the journey of motherhood has inspired Laura to use her words to share her experiences with others, in the hope that they provide comfort, connection and celebration for mothers everywhere.

Laura is a member of the Mum Poet Club.

She is a mother to a 3 year old boy and is expecting her second child in spring. 

Find Laura on Instagram @lau_way_with_words_

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