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Welcome to M/OTHERWORDS. We run online reading groups that help mothers, and others, make sense of motherhood.

M/OTHERWORDS groups are a bit like a book group, without the reading a whole book part! Plus babies and children are welcome.

We bring to you lovingly-selected writings on motherhood – from light-hearted to reassuring, and serious to inspiring and surprising. Poems, extracts from memoirs, novels and journals, we refer to both the historical and the cultural. We take on writers who are well-known as well as the less often found.

Delve into the words of writers who have captured their experiences and thoughts on motherhood and enrich your day!

Online reading groups

We bring a selection of writings about motherhood to you. There is no need to read anything in advance.

“This experience has been one of the highlights of my maternity leave.”

“I haven’t ever found anything like this. I love it. Just perfect to be able to discuss reading but without needing to read a whole book!”

“I go away and I talk about it in the week and share bits of it with my NCT friends.”

“It’s a little bit about finding something unique and special about motherhood rather than the endless stuff about practicalities.”

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Read interviews, reflections, commentary and original writing for different perspectives on motherhood from authors, poets, anthropologists and more.


RE/VERB is a set of collaborative commentaries which you, the reader, help to create.