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M/OTHERWORDS reading groups bring people and writing about motherhood together. Read more

About Our Groups…

Our unique groups provide all the reading material you need: short extracts from a range of writings on motherhood. You get these on-screen in the session, and the facilitator – Rebecca – reads them out.

You can easily join in while caring for your baby and children. In fact, being online means you can take part wherever you may be. Our groups are warm, friendly, relaxed, allowing you to simply listen in with no pressure. There’s a chance to hear from others, share your thoughts in a small break-out group, if you wish, or just observe.

You don’t need to be a bookworm or book expert! We use poems, extracts from memoirs, novels and journals; we go historical and cultural; we take on writers who are well-known as well as the ones to be discovered; we give voice to emotions, situations and experiences relating to motherhood. The facilitator, Rebecca, will comment on the writings, and there will be pointers for discussion.

Reading into Motherhood and Musing on Motherhood groups meet weekly for 1 ¼ hours for 4 weeks. The format is the same for each but all writers and texts are different. You can do either or both in any order.

The No Book Book Club meets regularly throughout the year for 1 hour. You don’t need to read a book beforehand and you can book in to the meeting up to half an hour before it begins.

A 4-week course costs £32. The No Book Book Club is £5 per meeting. We have places available for people who couldn’t otherwise afford to take part. Please contact us:

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“I loved this – so different to much of the rest of my current daily life on maternity leave. Rebecca was so warm, engaging and interesting to listen to. A huge thank you to Rebecca and Beth. I feel very lucky to have been included in the group.”

“It has really enhanced my journey of having a child. The sessions were really enlightening. I was always looking forward to Thursdays over these last three weeks. It has been amazing.”

“Five minutes after being in the meeting I felt really relaxed, and happy about the day, where I usually don’t feel like that if I’m that sleep deprived.”

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