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The blur

by Lucy H. Pearce (2014)

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The blur

Here, where my life once was, there is a blur.

Where once I needed a diary to plan my days, now it is simply a daze. The sun comes up, I am awake.
The sun goes down, my eyes are open but I am no longer here. My body is numb from tiredness. The
receding light says we have made it through another day. But what did we do? What did they learn?
Did I pass? How can I know?

Another day dawns. Will it be just another day to get through, or will today be a day to sear itself to
my soul? Might it be one of a small collections of memories my child will shuffle through in later
years as a defining moment of childhood?

Perhaps it will be day where a major injury occurs to shred the veneer of mundanity with its scarring
rawness. Perhaps a day where the words I say, for good or bad, are recorded forever to be played
verbatim in their minds and later in a psychiatrists chair. Perhaps all it will be is a yellowed leaf
swirling through a shaft of sunlight which makes them feel they saw an angel. We cannot know.

We live on faith alone.

Each moment just like another, and yet so totally unique in its potential. And here we are. The pile of
laundry, dishes stacked by the sink, puzzle pieces on the floor and a day ahead. What will it hold?

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About the Author

Extract from Moods of Motherhood: the inner journey of mothering (Womancraft Publishing: 2014)

Lucy H. Pearce is driven by a need to create, connect and inspire. A best-selling author, vibrant artist, respected publisher and editor, her work focuses on self-knowledge and healing through creativity, archetypes and cyclical living. She gives voice to the soul: the spiritual, the liminal, the darkness and discomfort and the magical in the midst of the mundane. Often described as raw, authentic and life-changing, her work encourages authentic paths to self-expression and is celebrated particularly by highly sensitive and neurodivergent women.

She is drawn to connecting with the seasons of the soul and world through her books, painting, digital art making, clay work, photography and seasonal spirals –made of pebbles, seaweed, leaves and more. She is ever drawn back to the circle and spiral and in her personal practice she loves circle dance, women’s ritual, sacred space and music.

Her award-winning books include: Burning Woman; Creatrix – she who makes; Moon Time; Medicine Woman and her most recent, She of the Sea.

Lucy is the founder and creative director of Womancraft Publishing, established in 2014, which publishes life-changing, paradigm-shifting books by women, for women.

She is the mother of three and lives on the south coast of Ireland.

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